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Type of Counselling

I have found that people often benefit from an approach that is

This is often referred to as a cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT approach. This approach can be especially helpful for people suffering from depression, anxiety-related problems, work-related stress and sleeping difficulties, but there are other types of problems people have that this approach can help too.

Length of Counselling

Counselling/therapy sessions last for one hour. The last five minutes is often spent making new appointments and paying for the session. It can be helpful to have a cheque written out in advance so as not to take up valuable counselling time.

I see people through organisations for typically six to twelve sessions, but since people have different needs it is important the therapy is reviewed regularly in order for you to indicate that it is helping and how to proceed.

Sessions can be spaced according to your particular needs. Often people will attend weekly initially and then space sessions to either fortnightly or even monthly depending on how they are feeling.

Although you will only attend counselling for one hour each time I will continue to work for you in between our sessions. This involves me keeping notes, reflecting on your difficulties, consulting relevant research and advising you where you may find appropriate reading material.

Between-session tasks

People often find it is useful to keep their own notes as a result of our sessions. This may take the form of a diary or recording thoughts and feelings in a more structured way. At other times I may suggest a particular book or reading material that will aid your understanding. Doing these tasks will help you move forward in your life between sessions.


Counselling sessions are confidential. In order to ensure the quality of their own work all psychologists consult with a supervisor in regard to their clients.

However, I adhere to the British Psychological Society guidelines for ethical practice and in exceptional circumstances the following guidelines apply:

If there are circumstances in which I feel that you may be a danger to yourself or to others, I may need to discuss with you a change in confidentiality, which may involve other professionals in your care.


Twenty-four hours notice of cancellation is required in order that I can potentially allocate the session to someone else. Therefore if you think you will be unable to make a session, please give me as much notice as possible. If you can't speak to me in person please leave a message on my phone. It is also helpful if you suggest alternative dates for another session if appropriate.

Cancellations within twenty-four hours will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of your normal fee. Fees will be reviewed annually.

Feedback Form

On completion of therapy I ask clients to provide some feedback on the process. This enables you to comment upon the quality of the therapy you have received and how this has affected you. It also provides very useful feedback to me.


I can also be found on www.bps.org.uk and www.babcp.com

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